Boom Trikes Pavilion 2.2
Stand 505 Aisle D
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In September 2014, the company BOOM TRIKES celebrated its 25th anniversary. 27 years ago, in September 1989, the construction of the first prototypes was started. The head office is located in Sontheim/Brenz, a Swabian village in the South of Germany. BOOM TRIKES established themselves very quickly in the market and were able to double their turnover every year in the early days. In 1995, BOOM TRIKES achieved the market leadership. BOOM TRIKES deliver vehicles to all over the world. BOOM trikes are not only means of transportation, but became more and more a life philosophy, uniting freedom and adventure, travel desire and closeness to nature. The approximately 10,000 trikes built so far are without exception “Made in Germany”. Currrently, about 30 employees are operating at the head office of BOOM TRIKES in Sontheim, and another 40 employees are working in a subsidiary where spare parts are manufactured. More than 200 suppliers are providing parts to BOOM TRIKES. The BOOM TRIKES network covers approximately 100 dealers and rental stations, half of them in Germany and the other half all over the world.