BRM Pavilion 1
Stand 333 Aisle B
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Only one watch manufacture in the world produces its timepieces in France. Just outside Paris, BRM’s watchmakers create remarkable pieces, each born from a commitment to the competitive spirit that has fuelled Bernard Richards since the founding of BRM.
Each manufacturing operation, from the selection of the best metals down to the case setting, is exceptional. The parts are never made by pressing,but only by removal of material. leaving their molecular structure intact. All the major operations– fitting, assembling, setting and polishing- are performed by hand and each watch is meticulously checked at each stage of its assembly.
A BRM is a unique and authentic timepiece, entirely custom-made and hand-finished. All watches are produced in small series and will always be. Quality, not quantity is our goal.
In 2015, the manufacture presented its own watchwinder.