Stand 211 Aisle A
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• FORMULA GIOL is a different vehicle
• At first it is a specifically designed full-electric vehicle, not a converted one, and it does not look like conventional cars, neither a family sedan nor a traditional 2-seater sports car
• Since its original purpose is to be a « small series » vehicle, it will be dedicated to original vehicles’ amateurs
• FORMULA GIOL is able to provide occasional high performance driving, in acceleration and curves
• But first of all it is a « recreational » vehicle, its owner enjoying it in some manner like a motorcycle, not only thanks to a pleasant drive and preserved contact with the exterior, but also as a joyful and pleasant adult’s toy, easy to « work around » for cleansing, tuning, and maintaining
• FORMULA GIOL provides two comfortable enough seats for the driver and a passenger, plus a small additional room for baggage
• External look is quite « different », due to unconventional ratios between length, width and height in comparison with common cars, and due to other original technical and aesthetical features
• FORMULA GIOL will not be an expensive car, but a reasonably-priced “third” or “fourth” vehicle, aimed for pleasant drives