Lexus Pavilion 4
Stand 120 Aisle A
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Born in 1989, the brand Lexus acquired an international renown by its quest for perfection, the exceptional quality and sophisticated technological contents of its products as well as its unique approach of a complete customer service. Still strengthening the original values of the brand - incomparable internal quality of manufacturing, comfort and luxury - Lexus renews at present its range and proposes new attractive and visionary models offering a more audacious style, a sovereign dynamic behavior and high technologies. Today, Lexus remains the only prenium car manufacturer to decline a complete range of Full Hybrids models with the SUV RX 450h, the sports sedans GS 300h and GS 450h, the limousine LS 600h, the sedan compacts CT 200h and the sedan IS 300h. The models endowed with the Lexus Hybrid Drive system represent about two-thirds of the sales of Lexus vehicules in Europe and 99 % on the French market.

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