Minialuxe Pavilion 2.2
Stand 610 Aisle E
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Minialuxe was a brand of plastic car and truck models, based in the town of Oyonnax, situated in the Departement of Ain in the Rhône-Alpes region of France.The company was closely linked to the overall industry of Oyonnax, the capital of what was known as the "Plastic Valley, reputed for its plastic industry. The company ceased production in 1978.
It was not until May 2012 that this great French brand was brought back to life in the form of a commercial company and kept its name "Minialuxe". A brand licence agreement was signed on 12 March 2012 for a duration of 20 years.
Minialuxe is committed to not making identical re-editions of former models designed in the past by the brand. It will design new moulds for new tooling. Through its French creation, Minialuxe wishes to genuinely perpetuate the brand with the re-launch of a true range of miniatures in different colours, providing a prestigious die-cast product with packaging specifically designed to enhance the collection piece.Each miniature has a die cast, engraved, numbered base. The casts have the “Minialuxe” inscription inside the roof in order to demonstrate the brand’s exclusivity on the mould. The entire collection is provided with suspensions.